The Green Pod Recycling Bag

Our Green Pod recycling bags allow households and organisations to separate, store, and transport recyclable waste cleanly and with no fuss.

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For many people it is often necessary to transport recycled waste from the kitchen to either a recycling bank or the kerbside. When trying to store, and keep recycled waste separated, we can use compartmentalised bins, throw away plastic bags, reusable plastic bags or a recycling bag. Using throw away plastic bags is not ideal because they can easily rip, whilst keeping reusable plastic bags in the kitchen can be unsightly as they slowly fill up with rubbish.

Recycling Bag 1Made from recycled plastic, our Green Pods are portable, re-usable and robust recycling bags. The Green Pod has removable pods inside, which separate and store recyclables cleanly and tidily.

The big handles, and the ability to zip it up, makes it easy for people to carry to their local recycling bank, drive to a supermarket’s larger bank, or use it in conjunction with their council’s existing pick up system. However, unlike many other recycling bags, our Green Pod has a cover and the inside pods are wipeable and machine washable. The Green Pod is the clean, tidy and practical solution if you want to recycle, and provides more options than a standard bin, plastic bags or other recycling bags. 

The Green Pod recycling bag is especially useful for:

  • Households living in flats that do not receive kerbside recycling collections and may need to transport recyclables to their closest recycling bank.

  • Households that are required to separate waste before recycling at the kerbside.

  • Small offices and businesses that recycle and need to separate recyclable materials. The Green Pod is especially useful in hotel rooms as it allows housekeeping to quickly pick up recyclable waste that has already been compartmentalised.

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