The Green Pod Users Guide

You have just received your Green Pod recycling bag. Now, how do you put it together?

Your Green Pod consists of:

1 main bag
3 smaller bags
4 large inserts for the main bag
2 small inserts for the glass bag
2 small rectangular inserts for the glass bag

Step 1 Unzip the four sides of the main bag and slide the 4 large inserts inside.

Step 2 The bag for glass recyclables has a cushioned base to help prevent glass from shattering inside. Slide the 2 small inserts inside their pockets and the other 2 smaller rectangular inserts into the other two pockets. The paper and the plastic bags are attached inside the main pod by Velcro® strips.

Step 3 When full, zip up the Green Pod and take it to your nearest recycling station. You can also detach the individual pods from their Velcro® attachments and then take them to your recycling station to be emptied before reattachingthem back to the recycling bag.

Now you are ready to use your Green Pod recycling bag and enjoy "making recycling your second nature".