The Green Pod Recycling Bag - 50 litres - Brown




  • The 50 litre Green Pod has three recycling bags (pods) inside. When full these pods can be secured inside by zipping up the main bag or individual bags can be detached from their Velcro attachments and then taken to your nearest recycling bank or kerbside.
  • The glass pod has a sponge base which absorbs any shocks to help prevent glass from shattering when dropped inside. Furthermore the sides are reinforced with plastic sheets so that the bag will not easily tear if broken glass is placed inside the pod.
  • The Green Pod has four grip pads at the bottom for extra stability and robust handles for easy transportation.
  • The handles have been tested to hold in excess of 100 kg and not to tear at the seams
  • The three pods inside are machine washable or can be hand washed to keep your Green Pod looking clean and fresh at all times.
  • Tip: All our Green Pod recycling bags have been specially designed to allow shopping plastic bags to fit inside. However please do use the plastic bags more than once.
  • Our Green Pods not only help you recycle but they are also made from recycled plastic, which is good for the environment.


50 litre Green Pod 400mm (W) x 400mm (D) x 386mm (H)

One Year Free Guarantee